WARNING: This is a workaround that may not be supported by your email provider. Please check out the links below for some popular email providers on how to add aliases to an email.

You can create additional accounts with the same email address by using the label syntax in the email address. Follow the steps below to create additional accounts using the same email address:

  • Let's assume your email address is kateandjohn@example.com.
  • You can create two accounts with the following emails:
    • kateandjohn+kate@example.com
    • kateandjohn+john@example.com
  • Both accounts will be unique, but all emails will be sent to kateandjohn@example.com.
  • If you have a son named Mike that does not have an email, you can create an account with the following email:
    • kateandjohn+mike@example.com
  • The kateandjohn@example.com inbox will now receive all emails from all three accounts.

WARNING: Some email providers may not support email sub-addressing or may use a dash instead of a plus sign. Please contact your email provider directly for help.

Help for some email providers: